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Stapler Circumcision

While performing circumcision, we use a circumcision stapler. This is a sterile, manually hand held machine that is used during the process. As this is sterile and non bioabsorbable, this is safe to be used.

At first the foreskin is cut and a circle made with staples is put along the cut line on the penis. The shape of the circle is almost like a dome that is needed to be inserted inside the foreskin. While using the staple mechanism, a lever is used for the manual purposes and it connects the staple dome with the outer side of the foreskin.


Shang ring circumcision or the conventional one consist of several complications. Wound dehiscence and severe oedema can take place due to the conventional techniques. The stapler circumcision on the other hand is comparatively less complicated and less risky. Due to lack of electrocautery, minimal tissue injury and a faster operative time makes the stapler circumcision to be the best process invented till date. As the operation takes place for a shorter time, the blood loss volume is also very less. The postoperative complications are also very less in case of this stapler circumcision. If you are looking for male circumcision, this is the easiest, safest and the most patient friendly option available out there.

Advantages of Stapler Circumcision:

  • The amount of blood loss is very less and it is a less painful process.
  • No hospital stay for the patient
  • The process is minimally invasive, hence, it is safe.
  • The recovery period is very small.
  • The infection can be avoided by this process.
  • The chance of urinary tract infection will be less.
  • Keeping the penis clean will be easier after this procedure.


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