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Intimate Clinic provides non-invasive, quick and pain-free piles treatment along with extensive experienced surgical treatment of piles. Doctors offer prompt care to the patients and best diagnostics to the people suffering from piles along with facilities such as state-of-art operation theaters and other services. Intimate clinic offer most modern laser surgery by Lasotronix for treatment of fissures, piles, and fistula as well as has the most modern Proctoscope to understand the stage of diseases.

Not only this, they perform bariatric surgeries and advanced laparoscopic surgeries with superior quality and high standard. The hospital tries to maintain good doctor-patient relationship and has backed up with an outstanding reputation for patient satisfaction and patient care.

What is Piles or Hemorrhoids?

Piles or Hemorrhoids is a disorder affecting men or women of any age group due to the constant pressure on blood vessels that are present in the anal area develops hemorrhoids and produces swelling or inflammation of the veins in rectum or anus making capillaries weak and gives irritable feeling while passing the bowel.

Type of Hemorrhoids/Piles:

There are two types of piles; they are internal piles and external piles.

Internal Piles develops are identified by bleeding and occurs near the anal area which are painless and as they are present inside the anus one cannot feel its presence.

Internal piles cover four classes:

  • Grade I that do not cause any protrusion from the anus.
  • Grade II is a bulging occurring in anus during bowel and straining movement but spontaneously acquire original position
  • Grade III is when it comes out of the anus with bowel but can be inserted back by using finger
  • Grade IV is the piles that cannot move back to its original place and is projected from the anus 

If you having above 4 grade piles you can contact piles surgeon in Indore. For best consultation of surgery.

Piles Symptoms:

Hemorrhoids symptoms depend upon the location of its occurrence.

  • Difficulty to pass the bowel or stool as well as bleeding at the time of bowel movement
  • Itchy or irritable feeling near anus along with swelling near anus with discomfort or inflammation or pain
  • Presence of lump in anorectal area or tissue mass with pierce pain

Leakage of feces or slime from anorectal area and incomplete bowel discharge piles

Piles Causes:

  • Constipation and during bowel discharge extreme strain
  • Prolonged diarrhea and eating diet which lacks in fibrous material
  • Hereditary or Genetic factor
  • Pregnancy is the primary reason for the emergence of piles in women as the developing baby exerts pressure and blocks the blood circulation along with massive-weight lifting
  • Cold and cough also build some force in anal part resulting in piles.
  • Apart from physical factors some psychological or mental stress also influences the cause of piles.
  • Errors developed in the past rectal operations and damaged spinal cord and prolonged sitting at a single place

Piles Treatment in Indore:

Non-Operative treatment includes-

  • Intake of enough water or other water-based liquid and slow increase in amount of fiber in diet.
  • Avoiding empty of your bowel as it makes the stool hard and dry
  • To regulate the circulation maintain body weight by regular exercise.

Operative treatment includes-

There are some surgical options which may bring some relief to the patients having severe piles like the advanced laser treatment and for most advance diseases we offer minimally invasive treatments by stapler show more effective results. These are the outpatient procedure takes few minutes to complete and there is no need of cuts or prolonged hospitalization as both procedures are simple.

Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty Minimally invasive Stapler Surgery:
How Laser Work :

Laser energy is delivered under LA/GA by radial fiber directly to hemorrhoidal nodes which will help to preserve sphincter structure and mucosa to an extremely high precision and will obliterate from inside. The blood supply nourishing the abnormal growth is closed by using Laser Energy. Laser piles doctor in Indore. The laser energy simultaneous obliteration of the hemorrhoidal pile by shrinkage effect and induces destruction of the venous epithelium.

 Fibrotic reconstruction generates new connective tissue is the main advantage of using laser compare to conventional surgery which ensures that the mucosa adheres to the underlying tissue and also helps in preventing the recurrence or occurrence of a prolapsed.

Why Laser Hemorrhoidoplasty Best Option for Piles:

  • High success rate and Lowers recurrence rate as recurrence rate is much lower than the traditional methods.
  • Quick treatment as it saves tremendous time for you and your patient by taking less than an hour.
  • Minimal invasive with minimal blood loss i.e. just a nick in the skin, so no scar, no stitches minimal pain and less traumatic. Piles doctor in Indore for further information.
  • Since no surgery and extremely less harm to neighboring tissues, so recovery is fast with instant relief from accompanying symptoms and even less pain, numbness and bruising.
  • OPD procedure performed with Local anesthesia and is safer than General anesthesia as there is no hospitalization and ambulatory.
  • Quick Recovery with minimal post operative pain, no downtime and the patient can quickly regain his normal activity and can walk away post operation.
  • Greater Surgical Precision along with reduced risk of infection.

Contact Intimate clinic Indore for painless piles treatment in Indore.

How to Prevent Piles:

  • Add high fibers to your diet and drink adequate water and other liquids
  • Use medications to control diarrhea along with exercises to prevent the strain while bowel release
  • Receive regular bowel habits for prevention.

Instructions before surgery:

  • Acquire regular bowel practice and do not consume heavy meal after the night but you can drink water before 4 hours of treatment

Instructions after surgery:

  • Take help from caregiver and do not separate out the dressings from the scar
  • Take a shower to maintain purity and do not take any drinks like tea or coffee
  • Take prescribed medications as per directed and drink an inadequate amount of liquids

Myths and false belief about piles:

  • Only sick people develop hemorrhoids and piles mostly develops into old adults
  • Hemorrhoids can create carcinoma and no treatment is sufficient to cure and heal hemorrhoids completely
  • Hot, exotic foods can cause piles and if someone is suffering from hemorrhoids he or she should not perform exercise.

Why will you choose Intimate Clinic?

  • Advance Diagnostic Tool with most Advance Laser Therapy along with Day Care Procedure.
  • Facilitates Expert Proctologist and Insurance Covered along with EMI on treatment.
  • Patient will recover within 1 – 3 Days.
  • Surgeon practicing for more than 17+ years. 
  • Having a large experience of over 6000+ surgeries.

Call now for Intimate Clinic, they have one of the best piles doctor in Indore.



Advantages of Laser Treatment for Piles over Conventional Surgical Methods


Main Feature Laser Surgical Procedure
Patient Hospital Stay 24 Hours 3-7 Days
Pain (Post-Operative) Low High
Recovery Time 1-3 Days 7 to 15 Days
Recurrence Low High
Complication Low High
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