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Permanent Hair Reduction in Indore

Laser Treating Hair Reduction

We are the professionals experienced in performing non-intrusive and easy treatment of unwanted hair and irreversible reduction of hair.  Our permanent hair reduction treatments are ideal fit for all body areas and sizes ranging from the minutest Axilla and Bikni zones to limbs and abdominal areas.

Hair growth

Hair growth on visible parts of body and face is known as Hirsutisim and one of the widely known issues that most of Indian women have grappled with. Common known methods of hair removing such as threading, plucking, bleaching etc. have not been an acceptable way of treatment by working girls and women and even those which share a modern outlook in the rapidly advancing Indian society.

Hair removal through means of non-surgical light waves (Laser) is the adequate way of controlling growth of the hair. We apply different types of methodologies of hair removing techniques like Nd-Yag (Quanta), Nano second yag (Medlite), IPL (Quanta) & Diode.

Safety & Pain Aspects

This type of exclusive medical treatment is undeniably safe without causing any itching or troubles. The treatment provides permanent solution for annoying and awkward looking body and face hair. It is basically the In-CLINIC WALK-IN TREATMENT method with time span of around 45 min.

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