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Hair Transplant in Indore

Dr. Nilesh Dehariya, Senior Laser Proctologist
Dr. Nilesh Dehariya
Senior Laser Proctologist in Indore

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Hair Transplant in Indore with Advanced Transplantation Technique

Might be thinking that your scalp gradually giving up the fight against hair loss? Well there are unique ideas that would bring those lost hair back, and one of these is Hair Transplant.


Transplanting the hair is innovative, easy and non-intrusive technique to bring the hair back and remove baldness. Transplantation of hair is considered free from maintenance in the long term of events. Transplantation is a sophisticated surgical procedure wherein the surgeon lifts hair filaments from the dorsal side of scalp and implants them in the baldy areas. In all this procedure, the surgeon will also keep it in his mind the recipients receiving hair should follow hair growth pattern as it occurred previously. The new line of hair will follow the pattern over a period of time.


Once the transplantation is successful, the scalp transforms itself into black glossy surface with gorgeousness returning back to its fullest sheen. The fascinating idea is that you can treat the newly transplanted hair in the same way as your original hair. You can color it, trim it and do everything you feel like doing. Transplanting the hair changes your personality once and for all.

Transplanted hair will cover the burnt skin, all types of spots, scars, burnt zones etc.

Methodology Practiced

We incorporate very new, advanced, safe and creative way of transplanting the hair – Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplantation (FUE). This medical treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Since the recipient’s scalp is numb the sensation of pain is not felt. Hair grafts are plucked one after another with a punch method from recipient’s skin and then implanted on donor’s scalp. The grafts are hair with one to four filaments forming the group. Since the treatment is non-invasive no stitching or suturing, the possibility of getting infected is almost nil.  This surgical method is of 6 to 9 hours. Individuals can get to their work routine on the very next day.

Transplanting Body Hair

FUE method of treatment lets easy extraction and transplantation of follicles from various body parts like chest, beard and other zones. The method is helpful in increasing the donor hair in the patients, who otherwise lack sufficient hair from the scalp’s dorsal area.

Hair Transplantation For Females

The fair sex may seem impatient with the very notion that transplanting hair is only men’s domain. However, hair transplantation is not related to any particular gender or community. Both men and women have the advantage of taking the benefits of hair transplantation. The process of hair transplantation is almost similar in men and women.




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