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Menopausal Therapy in Indore

What is Genito Urinary Syndrome of Menopause?

GSM or the Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause is a term that is coined lately but is becoming a point of concern across the globe. Women face lots of problems due to menopause issues. GSM state is mainly because of the low estrogen level in the woman’s body after a certain age. The lining of vagina becomes inflamed, drier, thinner and less elastic; this is the reason that conjugal life of the couple gets disrupted. Menopause syndromes started taking place more early with genital syndromes like irritation, burning, less sensitivity etc. recurrent urinary tract infection takes place more and sexual problems like discomfort, less lubrication, pain during the sexual procedure etc takes place more.

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Causes of GSM and how badly it puts an impact on women?

Post menopausal phase in a woman’s body faces lots of hormonal changes and that is why several types of diseases started popping up! The lower estrogen level causes genitourinary symptoms and vasomotor symptoms. When the second one is curable over time, the first one is pretty chronic. If the genitourinary symptoms are left untreated, it will deteriorate the health conditions of the patient. These symptoms are however not life threatening. But these symptoms are pretty chronic when it comes to mental health. It puts an impact on the women going through the post menopausal phase. These symptoms harm their self esteem and also puts a toll on their conjugal bonding with their partners.

How lasotronix Laser Work?

Every part of our body skin is made with collagen. The same collagen that is present in our face is also present in the vaginal walls. This is the agent that keeps the wall elastic and flexible and strong. The cosmetic gynecology is a miracle. Through this procedure a small amount of heat is applied on the vaginal tissue. This will result in the contraction of the excess tissue and the newly formed collagen starts stimulating through the walls of vagina. This normalizes the blood flow through the vaginal area, boosts immunity of the area, increases lubrication and strengthens the vaginal walls for a better sexual experience.

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What we offer for GSM?

Half about the women going through this phase reports dryness, itchiness and burning sensation in their vagina when the rest faces common menopause symptoms. Laser therapy is not so heard yet the only valid technique to handle these problems. Vaginal estrogen is effective in maintaining urinary functionality and curing sexual problems. According to a study, this Laser therapy acts equal to the normal estrogen of a woman’s body. The Laser used here is Lasotronix SMart M 1470. This procedure lubricates the vagina same as before, it also thickens the vaginal wall and rejuvenates the normal vaginal lining. This Laser therapy improves the sexual life by reducing itching, burning, irritation etc.

Laser therapy for GSM

  • Muscle tone improvement.
  • Vaginal dryness reduction
  • Increasing sensation
  • Production of more collagen
  • A wonderful procedure without anesthesia.
  • Improves orgasmic experience
  • Effective treatment
  • No side effects and no pain felt
  • Fully non invasive procedure




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