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Our Speciality

Cosmetic Gynecology, Vaginal Tightening

Bring back your youthfulness with our most advance technology in Cosmetic Gynecology. We provide complete female reproductive tract rejuvenation for both aesthetic and medical reasons.

Erectile Dysfunctions

Getting back on track is still possible. We help you to regain your self-confidence to put yourself out there. Reclaim your happiness with our safest and most effective solution for amazing results.

Proctology & Varicose Veins

Laser proctology refers to the treatment of diseases of colon , anus and rectum via laser application. haemorroid, fistula, polyps and pilonidal sinus are a few dieases that are effectively treated using 1470nm laser techniques.

Vampire Breast Rejuvenation

Vampire breast lift is a Nonsurgical procedure for breast augementation and V cleavage by using platelet rich plasma [PRP] Injections to create a somewhat fuller ,firmer bust .

Circumcision & Prostatitis, BPH

Circumcision is a revolutionary new treating phimosis ,frenuloplasty and tight frenulum [Stichless circumision].

G Shot / O Shot, Vaginal Lustre

G-Shot is a procedure intended to temporarily increase pleasure in sexually active women with normal sexual function ,focusing on increasing the size and sensitivity of the G-Spot.

Post Menopausal Rehabilitation

laser treatment of SUI and of the genitourinary syndrome of less invasive procedures with shorter recovery times and lower implicated costs more than one third of postmenopausal women on systemic hormone therapy.

Hair Treatment

Whether you want to get rid of unwanted hair or want to have new hair. we have delivered many successful makeovers

Our Expertise Services


We have Best Experts for both Male and Female problem for Intimacy. With latest equipment and comfortable environment we deliver very personalized treatments for Male/Female Intimate Health problems.


When it comes to Cosmetic we have best Experts which are known for delivering promising results with the use of most advanced technology. Intimate Clinic helps you to revolutionize your life by offering safest and most effective solutions.


Do not suffer in silence for Piles, fissure, Fistula and Pilonidal sinus. We have most advanced Laser Technology which can help you to get rid of these lifestyle problems with Minimal Pain, Minimal Invasive and fastest recovery.


We know how much pain full it is to have Varicosity in leg, which if left untreated lead to unhealed ulcer. We have successfully treated many cases using most advanced laser modality for Varicose veins with our most renowned Interventional Radiologist.


Whether you want to get rid of unwanted hair or want to have new hair, we have delivered many successful makeovers by using latest Laser Technology with proven results


ZSR Circumcision is a revolution in Phimosis treatment which is painless and bloodless.  Shock wave therapy (SWT) for symptoms alleviation in patients with chronic pelvic pain syndrome and obstructive uropathy in BPH.


Best Infrastructure

We are Offering our services with worlds Best technology solution .

Non Invasive Laser Procedure

We are Using Laser and Other Method to Offer Non Invasive procedure.

Expert In Intimate Health

Our team of Gynecologist and cosmetic surgeon offer best care .

Experts Cosmetic care

Our team of cosmetic and dermatologist surgeon offer best care .

Day care Procedure

We have expertise in Offering Procedure does not required admission..

Priority Service

We have Priority services for our esteemed patients.

Best technology

Be It Dermatology ,Cosmetic and Surgical day care Procedure we have best tecnology.

Affordable treatment

All our treatment are affordable .

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Intimate Clinic, E-86, LIG Link Rd, Near DNS Hospital (Old Life line Hospital), Shree Nagar Ext, Anurag Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452011
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