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Laser Circumcision Treatment in Indore

Laser circumcision in Indore for Phimosis Treatment

We are offering you a high end, risk free and superbly done circumcision procedure. We have a bunch of expert doctors who are experienced in this field and they will perform the task without any fault. Intimate Clinic is offering you a laser treatment for Phimosis that will be done under expert supervision.

Common indications for Male Circumcision are

  • Phimosis: The foreskin cannot be retracted automatically from the tip of the penis.
  • Paraphimosis: Here the foreskin can be retracted but cannot be returned to its original position. This is a situation of medical emergency and the patient should be taken to the nearest hospital as soon as possible.
  • Balanitis: An inflammation takes place on the foreskin and on the tip of the penis. This is the situation that all male face at least once in their life.
  • UTI: The Urinary Tract Infection can be seen in many men. The reason behind this is the unhygienic condition of most of the men out there. This can also happen when the urinary tract is abnormally set up in a person.
  • Trauma: Zipper injuries take place in most of the men and mostly in the children. Here, circumcision is the only option to save the penis from an infection and inflammation.
  • Penile Cancer is another reason behind this condition in a normal male.
  • This can also be done to save the person from any type of sexually transmitted diseases.

Advantages of Having Laser Treatment

  • You do not need to stay in hospital
  • The recovery period is very less
  • Less pain and less amount of bleeding involved.
  • Urinary tract infection cannot be seen
  • Minimally invasive and it is a safe procedure.
  • Infection can be avoided and the penis will stay clean
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Why will you choose Intimate Clinic?

Opt for Intimate Clinic’s laser circumcision expertise. Our skilled urologists employ advanced laser technology for precise and minimally invasive procedures, ensuring faster recovery and reduced discomfort. We prioritize your individual needs, offering personalized treatment plans in a supportive environment. With a proven record of successful outcomes, you can trust us for safe and effective laser circumcision. Your well-being is our focus at every step of the process.

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