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A Shot for Your Spot-The G-Spot Enhancement Technique

Dr. Nilesh Dehariya, Senior Laser Proctologist
Dr. Nilesh Dehariya
Senior Laser Proctologist in Indore

The G-Spot is present at the front inner wall of the Vagina, between the vaginal opening and urethra about 4-5 cm away from the vaginal entry. The G-Spot is the erogenous area that, upon stimulation, leads to strong sexual arousal and orgasm.

Why is it called the G-spot?

The special area gets its name after Dr. Gräfenberg, a German doctor who first described the concept of G-Spot.

What is the G-Shot Enhancement and what does it do?

The G-Shot Enhancement develops the size, functioning, and the sensitivity of the G-Spot. It enhances sexual pleasure by increasing the frequency and duration of female orgasms.

How does the G-Shot Enhancement technique work?

The G-Shot thickens the G-Spot area with filler, which increases the chances of vaginal orgasm. For women who can achieve orgasm, it enhances the quality and intensity of the orgasm.

What is the procedure of G-Spot Enhancement?

G-Spot enhancement is a quick and painless procedure lasting for only about 15 minutes. First, the doctor locates the position of the G-Spot. ‘As it is specific to every woman, finding the G-Spot requires experience’ adds Dr. DehriyaProctologist at Genesis, Indore.

Once the position of the G-Spot is located, the doctor may give you local anesthesia, which makes the entire process comfortable.

The last step is to inject the Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen Filler at the G-Spot. Injecting Hyaluronic Acid or Collagen Filler only takes a few seconds. However, their quantity varies as per the anatomic features and measurements.

For Women, achieving Orgasm is difficult for a variety of factors such as Increasing Age, Physical Condition, or even the absence of G-Spot. After the G-Shot enhancement, they could have multiple orgasms with ease.