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Does O-Shot Therapy Really Work?

Dr. Nilesh Dehariya, Senior Laser Proctologist
Dr. Nilesh Dehariya
Senior Laser Proctologist in Indore

An intense orgasm is satisfying. It is necessary for a healthy and happy life. However, lots of women rarely experience an orgasm or they don’t come as often as they should.

They find it difficult to achieve deeper orgasms. It happens for various factors but mostly because of the growing age.

Once, they cross the age of 30, intense orgasms become a rarity. So, they need therapy or a medical treatment to enhance the frequency and experience of their orgasms.

O-Shot is very popular among these therapies.

What is the procedure?

The idea behind an Orgasm Shot or O-Shot is the use of Platelet Rich Plasma to create new blood vessels and new nerves.

An O-Shot is the injection of Platelet-derived from your own blood in your Clitoris, Labia, and G-Spot.

(Platelets is a substance in our blood that contains healing proteins called Growth Factors).

O-shot therapy is performed in the following steps-

  1. Apply numbing cream to your Clitoris, Labia, and G-Spot.
  2. Draw your blood and separate the plasma from the platelets by spinning it in a centrifuge.
  3. Inject local anesthesia to your Clitoris, Labia, and G-Spot.
  4. Inject platelets to your Clitoris, Labia, and G-Spot.

What does it do?

PRP has healing and restorative properties. When injected in the Vagina, it releases up to 35 healing substances and growth factors.

How does an O-Shot affect your sexual experience?

Dr. Charles Runels, the creator of O-Shot, in his original studies, proved significant improvement in the female sexual function index after this treatment.

Dr. Dehariya, Sexologist in Indore, and many other experts believe that the O-Shot can improve vaginal sensitivity and sexual function.