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What Complications Are Related To Pilonidal Sinus Illness?

Dr. Nilesh Dehariya, Senior Laser Proctologist
Dr. Nilesh Dehariya
Senior Laser Proctologist in Indore

Pilonidal Sinus Illness

Pilonidal sinus is a condition in which a small, tunnel-like hole or cyst forms in the skin between the buttocks, near the tailbone. While it may not cause any symptoms in some people, in others, it can lead to a range of complications. Some of the common complications related to pilonidal sinus include:

  1. Abscess: If the pilonidal sinus becomes infected, it can form a painful abscess, which is a collection of pus in the area.
  2. Fistula: In some cases, the pilonidal sinus can form a fistula, which is an abnormal tunnel that connects the infected area to the skin or another organ.
  3. Recurrence: Even after successful treatment, pilonidal sinus can recur in some people, especially if proper wound care and hygiene are not maintained.
  4. Chronic pain: Some people may experience chronic pain in the affected area, especially if the pilonidal sinus is not treated promptly.
  5. Social and emotional effects: Pilonidal sinus can be embarrassing and affect a person’s self-esteem and social life, especially if it leads to an unpleasant odor or discharge.

In some cases, surgery may be necessary to treat pilonidal sinus and prevent complications. It’s important to talk to a proctologist for pilonidal sinus in Indore if you suspect you have pilonidal sinus or if you experience any symptoms such as pain, swelling, or discharge in the affected area.