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Dr. Nilesh Kumar Dehariya

Senior Consultant – Laser Sexologist and Proctologist in Indore

Dr . Nilesh Kumar Dehariya is a senior Laser Sexologist and Proctologist consultant in Indore with an experience of more than 17+ years, Dr. Dehariya performed all type of major surgery including laparoscopic general surgery reconstructive surgery laser cosmetic surgery Dr. Dehariya believe that with advanced laser and shock wave therapy and cosmetic gynecological surgeries we can transform our life for the better and happiness. Also he is the best piles doctor in Indore.

Dr. Dehariya is also sharing his immense knowledge about the complex field of surgery to the aspiring student as an assistant professor in the department of surgery in Index medical college. Trained from BIDS Mumbai under training of Dr. Amit Maydeo (Global Hospital) for upper of Endoscopy. Dr. Dehariya was a Senior Resident in the Department of Surgery Amaltas Medical College, Indore.

Dr. Dehariya’s Training

  • Training in laparoscopy surgery from Mumbai.
  • Training in proctology from Mumbai Eravio Clinic and Pristyn care Gurugram, proctology clinic in Kolkata.
  • Training in District Health Society (T.B.) Indore (M.P.) for (RNTCP) and DOTS Therapy.
  • Certification Training in PACE Urology Workshop in Medtronic in Mumbai on 16th July 2017
  • Training in Endoscopy from Global hospital, Mumbai
  • Training in shock wave therapies from Eravio Clinic, Mumbai
  • Training in cosmetic gynecology from Eravio Clinic, Mumbai
  • Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) Including Manual Vaccum Aspiration (MVA) and Medical Methods of Abortion Technologies from Ipqs.
  • Training in Regional Health & Family Welfare Training Centre Indore (M.P.) for R.T.I. and S.T.I.

International research paper publications

  • To study incidence of caecal perforation relation to age, sex & etiologies 10.33545/surgery.2019.v3.i3b.150 – Issued on 19.06.2019 at international journal of surgery science.
  • To study the relationship between mode of injury and clinical presentation in blunt abdominal trauma at MGM medical college & M.Y. hospital, Indore – 10.33545/surgery.2019.v3.i2c.29 at international journal of surgery and science.

National Paper publication

  • Study the trend of Nomalization of lactate test favour survival in major trauma and sepsis / issued on 26.05.2019 / 10.32553 / At national journal. of medical and Bio medical
  • To Study the Satisfaction score and Postoperative Complications Comparing between Circular Stapler Hemorrhoidopexy and Conventional Hemorrhoidectomy Ref:

  • E.poster presentation on “Parathyroid Adenoma Parathyroidectomy at NSB Medical college JBL Conference 2016.
  • Study the value of Heamodynamic parameters in comparison to lactate value out come to illness / issued on 6.6.2019 / 10.32553 / Vol-3 at national journal of medical and biomedical science.

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Varicose Veins Laser Treatment in Indore

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