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How to Restore Virginity–Hymenoplasty

Dr. Nilesh Dehariya, Senior Laser Proctologist
Dr. Nilesh Dehariya
Senior Laser Proctologist in Indore

Losing Virginity is a big deal for many, but losing it is easy. It is a popular notion that once you lose the Virginity; it is impossible to get it back. But it’s wrong. If you are someone who wants to restore their Virginity, then you need to know about Hymenoplasty.

An intact Hymen is the sign of virginity and Hymenoplasty can restore the Hymen. Hence, a minor surgery can get back your Virginity.

What is Hymen?

Hymen is a membrane that covers the vaginal opening. The shape and appearance of the hymen may vary, but typically it is like a half-moon at the bottom.

How does the Hymen break?

Many activities, such as cycling, exercising, tampon insertion, and sexual intercourse can break the Hymen with a minor bleeding.

How does it restore the Virginity?

Hymenoplasty also called Hymenorrhaphy or Hymen Construction Surgery is a minor procedure of about an hour. It only requires local anesthesia. However, sometimes you might get a sedative for comfort.

The doctors identify and partially excised to eliminate the uneven tissue from the previous tearing. During the procedure, the patient lies on a table with her legs spread wide apart and the surgeon sutures the hymen together in two layers using dissolvable stitches. Sometimes, the doctors graft a small chunk of tissue from another part of the vagina to the vaginal opening for the recreation of the hymen.

The ultimate aim of Hymenoplasty is to restore the appearance of the Hymen.

This procedure can show immediate results after completion.

There are a few precautions you need to take before going through the surgery

  • Stop taking blood-thinning and birth control medicines 10 days prior
  • No smoking for a month before and after the surgery
  • Stop drinking alcohol 3 days before the procedure