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Does gutkha affect the sex hormones in our body?

Dr. Nilesh Dehariya, Senior Laser Proctologist
Dr. Nilesh Dehariya
Senior Laser Proctologist in Indore

People are addicted to gutkha, pan masala, tobacco, smoking and so many things. Some people are always restless to eat such things, but do you know that by doing this you are putting yourself in the well. That is, by doing this you are inviting diseases yourself. Do you know that pan masala, tobacco and gutkha have very negative effects on your body. Not only this, their effect is sometimes so dangerous that you can even get cancer. Not only diseases, they also disturb the hormonal balance of the person and sex hormones are also affected. Let us know what are the effects of gutkha and how gutkha affects sex hormones.

  1. Gutkha, tobacco and other similar things put you at the highest risk of oral cancer. Along with this, you may also have many other problems of the mouth. Not only this, things like gutkha also damage your teeth and you are also at risk of getting respiratory diseases.
  2. You should also avoid eating gutkha, tobacco, paan, etc. because many types of chemicals and aromatic colors are used in their manufacture, which not only affects your hormones, but also increases the risk of damage to your DNA.
  3. In recent research, it has been proved that the consumption of gutkha and other similar things has a negative effect on various parts of the body. However, these are not new as the harm of tobacco and gutka has been proved in the past in many researches. Along with this, the loss of teeth caused by them has also been proved.
  4. The people of India are at the highest risk of oral cancer and other types of cancer in the countries of the world, the biggest reason for this is the greater use of gutka by Indians.
  5. Actually, tobacco, betel nut, lime, intoxicants and catechu etc. mixed in gutkha have a very bad effect on the enzymes of the body. This has a negative effect on the functioning and functionality of these enzymes found in every part of the body.
  6. Do you know that the enzymes present in the body play an important role in the production of hormones, in such a way that enzymes start facing difficulties in making sex hormones when the efficiency of enzymes is affected by the effect of gutka.
  7. Not only this, due to gutka, the process of toxins present in the body is also obstructed because the process of hormones making toxin from gutkha also gets obstructed.
  8. It means to say that by eating gutkha, direct and indirect sex hormones are greatly affected. Not only this, men who start consuming too much gutka, or start eating gutka continuously, their chances of becoming impotent doubles. That is, along with many other diseases from gutkha, the most negative effect falls on sex hormones and if pregnant women consume gutkha then it has a negative effect on their unborn child.

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